Versus The Volcano

from by supercorrupter



The strength of one hundred men
Couldn’t cure this mess that's made
Sons of...
Mother nature blown in rage
Oh thunderous planet

As we grovel before your feet
Swallowing ash and smoke

Father time is watching
A daily reminder
The ceiling is caving in
Bury us beneath the cinders

The baroness looms as she slowly weeps
Enough to bury us beneath the sea
Architects dreams, fade in sleep
No structures remain complete

A dying pig
Spoke of wisdom and intelligence
Long before he meets his doom
On the beast we fed
Born and bred
With the sole intent of being consumed
Grand the feast
For the famine had swarmed
To wither crops and fellow man
The villagers content
To dance before their god
Praying that their faith would be restored

The inhabitants wish to survive
Blood red the writing on the wall
The ground is crumbling all around thee
Dark matter has come to call
Smothered out inside disdain
The life you know will go away
Swept under the tidal wave
Will we ever see the light of day

Oh thunderous planet
History rich in pestilence
The evil lies deep within your soil
The world a savage
A habitat of doom
Filled with poison to the depths consumed
Pompei today
Landslides tomorrow
No measure to the distance of your sorrow
Great thunder beast
Receive our sacrifice
With open arms

The blood
The sacrifice
Oh thunderous planet
Grand thunder beast
Let this offering appease the gods
And give us release
Release us from this
This dark abyss
Lesson learned, your grip is firm
We’ll never be remiss


from Amps. Anecdotes. Annihilation., released June 30, 2016



all rights reserved


supercorrupter Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

supercorrupter is a rock and roll machine, but not precision oiled - no, more like a rusty contraption barely holding it together.

Amps cranked. speaker cabs creaking at the seams, drums on the verge of collapse... Rock and Roll.
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